Saturday, 11 November 2017

Gain the trust of your customers through superior web hosting service

Web hosting is indeed necessary if you’re looking to establish your name in the online business world. What’s more important is having a web hosting service provider, which is not only dependable, but whose services are also result oriented. Why is web hosting so crucial? It is because you wouldn’t want to lose away your customers to your competitors just because your website isn’t able to develop the required trust in the visitors.

What does security mean to a visitor?

If you talk about the security from the perspective of a visitor, it is one of the primary forces, which develops the faith of a visitor on your website. Would you like to share your confidential banking details on an unsecured website? By secured website, we are referring to the websites with secured http (https). The majority of the customer hesitates in doing money transactions over the internet. If you are able to provide them a secured website, then these consumers will be your long term loyal customers.

How can you provide a secured website to the users, enabling more and more number of consumers to engage with your website? Secured http is the key to control the security of your website and provide a secured environment, where they can feel free and do the transactions confidently. Exchanging the confidential information could be a security concern and the information needs to be secured to prevent the unauthorized access to it. https enables the website to do this through an additional layer of security provided by the SSL (secure sockets layer).Generally, you have to spend lots of money for SSL certificate, but how about getting free SSL certificate?

Having a certified and secured website provides you a competitive edge as Google prefers secured and certified websites. It means that of course the rank of your website will improve if it’s secured by an SSL certificate. It’s time to invest in secured web hosting services and lead the market confidently.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Free SSL from the best web hosting company in Calgary

Web hosting services in Calgary provides SSL. “Secure Sockets Layer”, that’s what SSL stands for. It is a standard technology, which is a kind of web security, beneficial, especially for websites which handle the sensitive information such as customer names, their addresses, contact numbers and even credit/debit card information. It is used to establish a safe and secure internet connection between customer and the server of the website which they are interacting with. SSL is beneficial especially for the e-commerce websites where they save the sensitive personal information of the customers. 

Having an SSL provides you multiple benefits, especially if you have an e-commerce business. That doesn’t necessarily means that it’s only suitable for e-commerce websites. Having SSL is quite necessary for all the websites to protect and encrypt their information.
Some of the core advantages of SSL are:

Encryption:The information shared on the information goes through more than one system. When the information travels through multiple systems the chances of the third party gaining access to it increases. SSL comes into the play here, it inserts random character in the original information, making it unreadable to anyone without the proper encryption key.

Authentication- It is significant to gain the trust of your customers. No one would like to share the sensitive information on an unsecured website. With SSL you get a server certificate as well, which bridges and secure the gap between browser and the SSL servers. It is used to identify that whether the SSL certificate provider can be trusted or not. Customers can view these documents and identify that whether your website is secured or not and whether it is really yours and not an imitation of your website.

Secure payments- As per the regulations of Payment Card Industry compliance, it’s mandatory for an online business to have an SSL certificate with encryption. PCI verifies the authenticity of the SSL certificate and establishes private connections on any page. Without the valid certificate, a website won’t be able to accept card payments.

 Being one of the leading web hosting companies in Calgary we at Server Center, comprehend the significance of the safety of your private information and thus, provide SSL for free to all our valuable customers.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Why do small business need SEO?

Search engine optimization tactics have grown manifold across the globe, and even companies increasingly realize the importance of digital marketing. Small business owners are highly reliant upon the usage of SEO methodologies, as it helps them reach to target audiences and promote the services/products within the estimated budget limit.

Here are some of the best reasons for small businesses to choose SEO services:

To make the local audiences aware:
 Though your small business may have a great product line or services, to reach out to your target audience, SEO is important. Local audiences are more likely to become customers for small businesses. SEO tactics can enhance your online visibility in local search results. This will make customers aware of your brand, business, products or services thus helps you to reap the rewards by being available to these people.

To make your brand accessible to the right audience:
 Instead of targeting many people, who are not interested, targeting a specific group will reduce marketing expenses and will also generate quality leads.

Boost the right kind of traffic to your business website:
 Getting traffic to your site may not always serve the primary goal of improving your business. It may happen that majority of the visitors may not have any intention to buy your products or services. But with SEO and search ads, your site will rank better for relevant keywords and will be able to gain the attention of relevant traffic to your portal.

 To avoid losing prospective customers to competitors:
 Most of the online customers these days’ research extensively before they purchase a product. Your competitors will have a clear upper hand if they have online visibility and you do not. You need to market online to make them aware of your presence. This will avoid losing out customers to your competitors who are already on the web.

If you're looking to increase your revenues, get more customers, and establish your business as the local market leader, get in touch with the Search engine optimization consultant of Servercenter. Our company provides SEO service in Calgary that helps small business owners promote their business via digital marketing, link building, and social media.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Common things to avoid while choosing Edmonton web hosting services

While opting for suitable Web hosting company in Edmonton, web owners need to be very particular about their requisitions. Instead of blindly relying upon a cheap-priced service provider, it is advisable to perform extensive research about the background, past experiences and customer feedback of the web hosts.

Here are some common things that you need to strictly avoid while selecting the web hosting services:

·       Cheap pricing- The fact that cheap web hosting companies offer low rates is that they just tend to increase their client count. But they never offer up time guarantees, because for them you are just a number, especially if you are a small business. Rather than choosing free hosting services, it is far more profitable to opt for paid ones as they can guarantee to offer 99.9% up time along with 24/7 customer support services.

·       Limited room for expansion- Your online business will almost certainly expand in the future years and you should be able to choose from different hosting packages that will help you do this. Clients can also consult with the experts of reliable web hosting company, as they can help you make decisions when the time comes. However, if the service provider doesn't understand this, then it's time to move on.

·       False claims- Some hosting companies claim big promises and guarantees, but only few can offer quality services. It is better to rely upon a company can sticks to real guarantees in the form of money back or similar guarantees to ensure your satisfaction.

·       Lack of references- A reputable web hosting company in Edmonton will have a long list of satisfied customers, and will welcome your contacting them to get references. If the company refuses your request to check references, keep moving.

·       Shoddy Customer service- Your web host’s attitude toward customer service is your indication as to how reliable they are as a company that you are entrusting your business with. They should be reluctant to share all their contact information including 24/7 helpline number.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Get Detailed Information Concerning SEO Services

These days you can find a number of search engine optimization service companies which provide effective solutions for search engine ranking-related issues. It is at your discretion to choose these services according to your requirements. 

At Server Center, the customers can expect affordable and high-quality SEO services. Some of the services offered by this Expert SEO Calgary are mentioned below:

1.  Website SEO Audit
This type of SEO Audit can be simple or complicated in terms of detailing. In other words, a simple SEO audit comprises of a few pages and focuses upon addressing serious on-page errors like lack of relevant content or missing titles. On the other side of the scale, a complex website SEO audit may contain numerous pages (even more than hundred pages) and focuses upon dealing with even a smaller issue which may negatively impact the ranking aspect of the website.

At the basic level, a website SEO audit provides guidance towards addressing those website elements which do not comply with the rules of the search engine ranking system. Further, it also provides helpful hints in making remarkable improvements in areas like link development, content development, and in general, an overall improvement in the search strategies.

2.  On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO, sometimes referred to as on-site SEO involves incorporating the required changes as per the recommendations of an SEO audit. These changes can be made by the website owner or by a SEO services company like that provided by Seo service inCalgary. On-Page SEO deals with many fundamental elements like page titles, content, heading, structure of internal links, etc. 

3.     SEO Content Development
This refers to developing website content which includes text like articles, essays, whitepapers, research documents, glossaries, etc. It is quite important to remember that every kind of content does not match your website requirements. In fact, it is highly dependent on the niche you are in. Also, quality of the content should be strictly focused upon.

4.  Link Development
This is one of the most discussed topics as far as SEO services are concerned. Backlinks are a vital part of any SEO campaign. So it is important to develop backlinks of good quality instead of focusing upon quantity. In other words, it should be relevant to the content and well-researched. Good quality content refers to interesting, useful, educational, and entertaining content.

5.  Code Optimization
This service involves refurbishment of the website HTML. This kind of HTML optimization can affect the search engine rankings in two different ways. Firstly, it helps to eliminate the code clutter and displays relevant and easy-to-understand content as far as search engine algorithms are concerned. Secondly, it reduces the page load time of the website pages making it easy for the search engines to locate it.

To summarize, a good SEO service company will have all the components mentioned above. This holds good for the services offered at Server Center.