Monday, 25 September 2017

Free SSL from the best web hosting company in Calgary

Web hosting services in Calgary provides SSL. “Secure Sockets Layer”, that’s what SSL stands for. It is a standard technology, which is a kind of web security, beneficial, especially for websites which handle the sensitive information such as customer names, their addresses, contact numbers and even credit/debit card information. It is used to establish a safe and secure internet connection between customer and the server of the website which they are interacting with. SSL is beneficial especially for the e-commerce websites where they save the sensitive personal information of the customers. 

Having an SSL provides you multiple benefits, especially if you have an e-commerce business. That doesn’t necessarily means that it’s only suitable for e-commerce websites. Having SSL is quite necessary for all the websites to protect and encrypt their information.
Some of the core advantages of SSL are:

Encryption:The information shared on the information goes through more than one system. When the information travels through multiple systems the chances of the third party gaining access to it increases. SSL comes into the play here, it inserts random character in the original information, making it unreadable to anyone without the proper encryption key.

Authentication- It is significant to gain the trust of your customers. No one would like to share the sensitive information on an unsecured website. With SSL you get a server certificate as well, which bridges and secure the gap between browser and the SSL servers. It is used to identify that whether the SSL certificate provider can be trusted or not. Customers can view these documents and identify that whether your website is secured or not and whether it is really yours and not an imitation of your website.

Secure payments- As per the regulations of Payment Card Industry compliance, it’s mandatory for an online business to have an SSL certificate with encryption. PCI verifies the authenticity of the SSL certificate and establishes private connections on any page. Without the valid certificate, a website won’t be able to accept card payments.

 Being one of the leading web hosting companies in Calgary we at Server Center, comprehend the significance of the safety of your private information and thus, provide SSL for free to all our valuable customers.

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