Thursday, 14 September 2017

Common things to avoid while choosing Edmonton web hosting services

While opting for suitable Web hosting company in Edmonton, web owners need to be very particular about their requisitions. Instead of blindly relying upon a cheap-priced service provider, it is advisable to perform extensive research about the background, past experiences and customer feedback of the web hosts.

Here are some common things that you need to strictly avoid while selecting the web hosting services:

·       Cheap pricing- The fact that cheap web hosting companies offer low rates is that they just tend to increase their client count. But they never offer up time guarantees, because for them you are just a number, especially if you are a small business. Rather than choosing free hosting services, it is far more profitable to opt for paid ones as they can guarantee to offer 99.9% up time along with 24/7 customer support services.

·       Limited room for expansion- Your online business will almost certainly expand in the future years and you should be able to choose from different hosting packages that will help you do this. Clients can also consult with the experts of reliable web hosting company, as they can help you make decisions when the time comes. However, if the service provider doesn't understand this, then it's time to move on.

·       False claims- Some hosting companies claim big promises and guarantees, but only few can offer quality services. It is better to rely upon a company can sticks to real guarantees in the form of money back or similar guarantees to ensure your satisfaction.

·       Lack of references- A reputable web hosting company in Edmonton will have a long list of satisfied customers, and will welcome your contacting them to get references. If the company refuses your request to check references, keep moving.

·       Shoddy Customer service- Your web host’s attitude toward customer service is your indication as to how reliable they are as a company that you are entrusting your business with. They should be reluctant to share all their contact information including 24/7 helpline number.

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