Thursday, 17 August 2017

osCommerce- The vital aspect of ecommerce

E-commerce is one of the biggest byproducts of the digital revolution. People across the world now prefer shopping online, rather than visiting the stores. And why not? Because the e-commerce websites offer a huge range of products and brands, which you probably might not get on one store. You would have to visit multiple stores for that. The e-commerce websites handle a large database. The osCommerce web hosting in Calgary Canada is a type of hosting, which specifically pertains to the ecommerce websites. This is an open source front to back online shopping cart application, which could be installed for free under the general public license. Most of the people consider it just as an online shopping cart, but osCommerce is a robust website building tool, whose biggest advantage is that it is highly customizable. Its features include catalogue creation, customer feedback page and availability of support in multiple languages. It also provides inbuilt support for payment processing and SSL. The reason behind the worldwide fame of osCommerce is that it is a robust and comprehensive ecommerce solution, which could be learned easily and could be modified to cater to the requirements of the business. It also offers various add-ons, which could be really helpful for your business. osCommerce could be very efficient and useful asset for the businesses having limited budget or basic technical and coding skills. It certainly might be a perfect choice to run your e-commerce store.

It is another open source platform which could be a productive tool for your business.  It is a comprehensive content management system, which is powered by PHP and MySQL used for website Pages, menus, documents and links. There are several features,which are attributed to the E107 platform. Some of the primary features are like it is easy to install, easily customizable, search engine friendly, multimedia friendly, developer ready, etc.

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