Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Rack Space: Full Rack, Half Rack, Quarter Rack at Servercenter Datacenter

If you are looking for rack space, check the options we are offering at Servercenter Limited, a data center located in Downtown Calgary.
Guaranteed Up-time
When choosing a colocation, the most important factor to a system administrator is to have 0% downtime; pick a reliable data center in order to keep your servers up 24/7. At Servercenter, we guarantee uptime, day or night; you can rely on us to keep your servers up and running. Servercenter monitors our network, power, UPS, cooling day and night to deliver best possible from the system. Our Network Monitoring station is located at New Delhi, India, which run 3 different shifts to keep operations smooth around the clock and has been running successful for 10 years.
Internet Connectivity
All rack space packages include full duplex Internet Circuit, starting from 10 Mbps for single server and can be upgraded up to 10Gbps as per user requirements; charges may applicable. All our internet packages are unmetered and include unlimited data/bandwidth. We also offer special connectivity as per your customer base. For example if you have customer base in India or China, we can provide you internet circuit with best routing to India/China. Please visit for all our rack space package details.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Your servers impact your website in many ways; SEO is one of them. When choosing a Colocation keep in mind, you can be affected positively or negatively from your provider. We at Servercenter understand how important hosting servers are for any business and we work with you or your team to deliver you best from the system.
We offer full rack, half rack and quarter rack, let us know your requirement and we can implement a solution which works best for you. Our data center is located in Calgary downtown, rack space availability in our Calgary datacenter depends on many factors which also include your requirement. To discuss your Rack Space requirement and how can we help you to achieve your desired goal call us at 4033516600 or visit our website

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